Glossier Cloud paints

Good morning bloggers! I originally posted this review on my Instagram a while ago, but now I feel I’ve had them long enough to give my full thoughts.

The Glossier Could Paints are easy to use cream blushes that blend out well with either your fingers or a beauty sponge. They deliver a very realistic flush to the cheeks, and the colours are just beautiful!

Glossier Could paints in the shades (Left to right) Beam and Puff

My biggest gripe with this product is the layering aspect. If you are wearing little to no base product, that’s the way to go. These will blend, and not conflict with any powders or contour colours you use afterwards. Whenever I have a full face of makeup on, which is most days, to be honest, these just don’t cut it.

Whatever contour or highlight I put on top or under these blushes become choppy and don’t blend well.

I absolutely LOVE these cloud paints on the natural days. The days where I’m brows, mascara, and balm. The days I want to look like I cared, but didn’t. I’m sure we can all agree, these are the best days. But for the average workday, or day/night out I want a little more coverage and a bit more blendability.

Left to right, Shades Beam and Puff


What has your experience been with the Cloud paints?

-Katie M.

Foreo Luna 2

Time to get to know my love, the Foreo Luna 2.

I have had this cleansing tool for almost a year now. I did a lot of research prior to purchasing this baby, but in the end the near $200 price tag was well worth it!

It’s actually on sale right now on Amazon

I think the biggest reason I bought this particular tool was the ease of use, and low maintenance aspect. You never have to buy alternate brush heads, unlike other competitors like the Clarisonic. I have heard horror stories of consumers buying the Clarisonic, and not changing the brush heads, or worse! Not getting the right sensitivity brush for them, and breaking out like crazy.

Up close with the Luna 2

This first time I used the Foreo Luna 2, I noticed immediate improvement in my skin texture. My skincare sank in like a dream, and the typical rough patches I was accustom to were gone. With daily use, this tool replaced any other physical exfoliator I had, and really turned my skin around. I cannot recommend it enough, and I hope you give it a try!


Do you use any type of cleansing tool?

-Katie M